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Star quilt book

Diamond Star Quilts

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Majestic star quilts with no inset seams.

Acclaimed quilter and teacher Barbara Cline shares exciting new techniques for constructing eight-pointed star quilts from diamonds. No tricky seams here! You’ll be amazed at how easy these quilts are to assemble. Build your skills as you start with basic star shapes and work your way up to radiant starbursts designs. With 12 celestial projects, there’s truly something for every quilter.


  • Twelve terrific projects! Piece diamonds and patchwork stars with no inset seams

  • Learn speed construction techniques to sew eight-pointed stars like a pro

  • Grow your skills as you move from beginner patterns to advanced designs

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Sand Dollar Reverse.jpg
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Magic Add-A-Strip Quilts

Price $22.95

Give simple quilt blocks a touch of magic - the add-a-strip way! Start with simple squares, triangles, and diamonds, then slice and insert a 1" strip of contrasting fabric to create dozens of new designs! Quilters of all skill levels can piece complex-looking patterns that are easy to sew. Each of Barbara Cline's 10 quilt patterns comes with variations to inspire your color choices, plus great ideas for sashing, resizing blocks, and adding your personal touch.


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Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars

E-book only  $21.95

9 dynamic quilts from 1 easy-to-sew block

Turn a single block into eight distinctive quilts—the magic is in the fabric! Best-selling author and well-known teacher Barbara H. Cline takes an easy-to-sew triangle block and then shows countless intricate designs for you to experiment with color and value. Stunning triangle-star quilts are perfect for the adventurous beginner looking to try something new or the intermediate quilter who wants to put her skills to use in a creative way. Design your own quilt top using a provided line drawing that you can color in and then bring to life with creative fabric selection!

• 1 easy-to-sew block makes 9 stunning projects
• Change the fabric placement for unique designs
• Color in a provided line drawing to design your own triangle-star quilts               

We do not ship international.

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Modern quilts
Star quilt book
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Diamond Chain Quilts

Price: $27.95  Out of Stock
Now: $24.95

(We do not ship internationally)

Featuring new techniques that bring the drama of diamonds to traditional designs, bestselling quilt designer and author Barbara Cline showcases 10 striking new quilts. Barbara shows how to create complex looks by combining diamonds with easy shapes like triangles and trapezoids. Quilters learn to strip piece diamond chains, then use them everywhere—in stars, in Irish Chains, in sashing, and in borders.

  • Best-selling author! Build on the success of her two previous books.
  • Quilts include dramatic new daisy, pinwheel, and hexagonal quilt designs with diamond chains.
  • Patterns for quilts in several sizes, from wall hangings to large bed quilts.
Quilt book



Simply Triangles

Price $24.95

Now $21.95

(We do not ship internationally)

Create unique, dynamic designs within pieced triangles; then combine those triangles with other shapes to make sassy stars, daisies, and pinwheels. Add a hexagonal quilt to your repertoire - perfect for a wall hanging or tabletop centerpiece. Whether your palette preference runs to vivid hues or to more muted hues, you'll discover how your color schemes will add a hint of movement to your quilts.

  • Create complex-looking designs for any size quilt by combining simple shapes like triangles and diamonds.
  • Learn how to use color and value to make your quilts glow.
  • Try a variety of skill-building techniques from strip piecing to Y-seams
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Star quilts


Star Struck Quilts

Price $27.95

Now $24.95

(We do not ship internationally)

From this book you will learn simple secrets for sewing Lone Star layouts with nine different skill building quilt projects. The mix and match patterns will inspire you and give you new ideas.

These lone stars will challenge you to go beyond your limits. This is done by starting out with a basic large lone star. The next star will include a more complex design, the next another. Each star will challenge you in a new way as different concepts are introduced. Each step by step pattern will become more difficult as the piecing becomes more and more intricate.

Concepts introduced include:

cutting parallelograms, piecing borders behind the main star, strip piecing with diamonds, machine appliqué, and choosing fabrics.

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Diamond Chain Star

Price: $12.95

(We do not ship internationally.)

Discover how fast and easy it is to create this beautiful diamond chain star quilt.  Learn how strip cutting diamond sets is fast and fun, and how easy it is to make large star points which are behind the diamond chain star.  And an added bonus is there are no setting seams.

Lets Party

This pattern is a small project that teaches the techniques in Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars book.

Price: $8.00 plus shipping (We do not shop internationally)

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Overlapping Stars Pattern

This is a fast project that goes together quickly. As you piece the catchy stars together you will learn how to stack and whack fabrics, how to use stripes and how to sew a triangle base layout.
Size: 17" x 52"
Price: $8.00 plus shipping (We do not ship internationally)

Star quilts
star quilts
star quilt

Pinwheel Pizzazz  E-Patten

Make these pinwheels by cutting triangles from strips of fabric. There are no inset seams. It is hard to comprehend how this nifty table runner is pieced but is so simple.  (An e-pattern will be emailed to you within 24 hours.) $5.00

Cookie Cutter

Learn how to make a magic Add-a-Strip quilt. Take a triangle shape, slice it, and insert a 1" strip for a dazzling secondary design. (We do not ship internationally.) $8.00

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Diamond Chain

The graduation of background fabrics
gives this design beautiful depth; while the diamond chain running through the quilt creates a complex look. When broken down into 10" squares, the quilt/wall hanging is pretty simple to piece.Size: 56" x 56" wall hanging76" x 96" full quiltPrice: $8.00 plus shipping (We do not ship internationally)
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Site Title

Star Chain

Star Chain is pieced in a triangle base layout. The triangles are sewed together into rows, the rows into strips, and then the strips into the table runner.
Price: $10.00 free shipping (We do not ship internationally)
Star table runner

Spinner Pattern

This stunning wall quilt "Spinner" is sure to both challenge and inspire. Diamond chains frame a dazzling pinwheel that is in the center of the quilt.
The technique you learn while making "Spinner" are sure to open up new avenues on your quilting journey while it challenges your skills in a delightful way. Learn how to make diamonds with strip piecing. 
Price: $8.00 plus shipping (We do not ship internationally)
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Under the Sea A lively diamond-chain quilt
  • Learn how to piece diamond chains from strip sets
  • 49" x 48" finished quilt with complete instructions and templates
  • Price: $12.95  Now $9.95
  • (We do not ship internationally.)


Star quilts
Star quilts
37" x 43"
45" x 46"
15" x 59"
52" x 59"

  4 Patterns in 1



Give a simple quilt block a touch of magic - the add-a-strip way! Slice a triangle block, then piece in a 1" strip of contrasting fabric to create a quick triangle block.  Secondary designs within each quilt gives a great dimension.


An E-pattern will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Scrappy Pinwheels



This pattern looks complicated but is a very simple design.  There are no inset seams and the only one block that is pieced is two shapes sewn together to make a triangle. It is just amazing how simple this is.  The triangles are sewn into rows and the the rows are sewn together. 

An e-pattern will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Star quilt

Caribbean Delight



Stars are twirling around in a circle on top of a large light gray star. By using an ombré fabric, the stars go from light green to navy in gradual steps.   The quilting emphasize the spinning stars, which give the quilt a twirling design.

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